[fpc-pascal] Mouse events and not waiting for them

Richard Jasmin jasminr at lavabit.com
Sun Jun 21 09:23:49 CEST 2009

will post to the board as soon as I get my other data from my tower off 
of it.spilled coffee on the keyboard again.

You shouldn't be using CRT unit anyway.Use my video unit. Its more 
optimized and bypasses a check for the timer bug entirely.You can use 
fpc_nanosleep as I have in my latest sources of the timer unit, but 
lately, I can't even get that to compile.

Was working on a workaround when Linux decided not to drive my usb 
headset anymore due to a linux glitch.Well, linux had to go, so if 
anyone knows how to cross darwin -OSX [ppc or intel, intel preferred] to 
ubuntu, please let me know, I was building on ubuntu [8+ works fine.8 is 
preferred].I don't see anything on the topic, but I think its close to 
what is already up on the french page[in english] on the subject.

I don't have an install to pull the shared libs from anymore.Im 
completely mac at the moment.

My new RTL units for FPOS are close to compiling, I had to fork back to 
the old setup to build properly.More notes on assembla.

 The video unit works, the RTC,Timer units has this issue and is in 
build freeze until I can get some cross tools made.The emulated timer 
routine in the video unit works, but has serious timing issues.[not in 
sync, I think fpc_nanosleep is.]

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