[fpc-pascal] Mouse events and not waiting for them

Richard Jasmin jasminr at lavabit.com
Sun Jun 21 09:37:32 CEST 2009

will post to the board as soon as I get my other data from my tower off
of it.spilled coffee on the keyboard again.


Well, linux had to go, so if
anyone knows how to cross darwin -OSX [ppc or intel, intel preferred] to
ubuntu, please let me know, I was building on ubuntu [8+ works fine.8 is
preferred].I don't see anything on the topic, but I think its close to
what is already up on the french page[in english] on the subject.

I don't have an install to pull the shared libs from anymore.Im
completely mac at the moment.

FOUND IT. try this.Something about non-x86 requiring extended math units 
not available on platforms such as PPC, will look into this.


[need the fink package, well worth it, but don't expect KDE to just work 
on you.]

sudo fink install fpc-i386-linux
[maybe -ppc linux as well??]

/sw/fpc/ -Tlinux [mainUnit.pas] to compile.
[Or in my case, my main makefile]

Gonna try on intel first, so to see if I break anything or need some 
units ported over first.Suprised that there is nothing on the forums on 
this yet.

Will get to the intel port as soon as I get my hands on my other 
keyboard.[hopefully next week or so.]

NOTE: this will not make the PPC target BOOT a kernel.You need at least 
ofwboot.b [firmware workaround] from bsd dowload ftp page and a bootable 
kernel [ramdisk image highly recommended].You need grub for FPOS to boot 
normally, so you would need to find out what bootloader ubuntu uses in 
order to get a PPC port working.THEN, maybe it might boot on PPC, but 
that is a moot point anyway these days.We aim for intel.

I'm not holding my breath for a PPC port.

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