[fpc-pascal] DirectFB for FPC beta tarball

Paul Ishenin webpirat at mail.ru
Mon Jun 1 17:06:39 CEST 2009

Roland Schaefer wrote:
> As Micha said in his reply, since Gtk can be used with DFB without X,
> you can have Lazarus w/o X anyway.
> Apart from that, I think it would be absolutely feasible to go without
> Gtk and use DFB directly. I'm only working with fpc, not Lazarus, so I
> am not sure what it takes to develop a widgetset for Lazarus. Is there
> any good starting point in the docs or the sources where I could take a
> look to give a more precise estimate about the required steps?
Ow, you have nothing to do in about one year (or more)? I can give you 
idea how to spend this time. Open for example lazarus bug tracker and 
select gtk2 bug reports. You will have enough job for this time.

Try to think whether lazarus need 10 widgetsets 30% ready or 3 
widgetsets 100% ready? I would choose last.

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin.

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