[fpc-pascal]Re: Interrupt 08

Balogh, Karoly (Charlie/iNQ) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Wed Jun 20 14:16:25 CEST 2001


On 20-Jun-01, Peter Beisel wrote:

> I want to hook timer interrupt Int08. I have to use the hardware
> interrupt 08 instead of software interrupt 1C, since the timer 
> frequency ist increased from 18,2 to 1000 Hz. Therefore the 
> interrupt must be chainded to the old interrupt service routine 
> every 55 times.
> I tried this in several variations but the only result are system
> crashes in several variations.

Yes, i also had crashes with linking the old IRQ code into the new
one. So i wrote a new protected mode routine to update the RTC at 
18.2hz. The RTC update routine is based on a real BIOS source, and
already tested with a lot of systems, and works OK. 

> Who can help with a running example?

Check out my page:

I've wrote a moduleplayer for FPC, but it's timer system is available
and works without the rest of the player too. And it works not only
under DOS, but Windows DOS task, Linux dosEmu, and OS/2 DOS Session 

The timer unit has its own API, which allows you to run a lot of 
timers at different frequency, but still updates the RTC at 18.2hz. 
If it still not satisfy your needs, you can write your own, based 
on it.

<commercial presentation> 

New version of my moduleplayer (ISS) mentioned above, coming soon, 
with OS/2(!) support, including DART (softwaremixing), and with 
support for the native GUS driver API. So you can play modules up 
to 1MB using your GUS, and up to 8MB using your AMD Interwave-based 
card's wavetable. Also with a lot of other fixes (especially in the 
Sound Blaster driver for DOS) and enhancements. (Note for Winblows 
users: DirectSound support is coming too, stay tuned...)

With this new version, i'll be proud to present the first working
multi-platform XM moduleplayer written in Free Pascal. (Or in any 
Pascal-variant ever?) Also, it's the first Free Pascal program,
which capable to use OS/2's multimedia subsystem.

</commercial presentation> 

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