[fpc-pascal]Interrupt 08

Peter Beisel beisel at kbprueftechnik.frm.de
Wed Jun 20 09:31:44 CEST 2001

Who can help?

Compiler: FPC Ver 1.0.4
IDE: FP IDE Ver 0.9.1.
Target: Go32V2
OS: Pure DOS + cwsDPMI (no Windows, no Linux, just realy pure DOS)

I want to hook timer interrupt Int08. I have to use the hardware
interrupt 08
instead of software interrupt 1C, since the timer frequency ist
from 18,2 to 1000 Hz. Therefore the interrupt must be chainded to the
old interrupt service routine every 55 times.

I tried this in several variations but the only result are system
in several variations.

Who can help with a running example?

Regards Peter

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