[fpc-devel] Is target mips-embedded possible / planned?

Michel Catudal mcatudal at comcast.net
Fri May 17 02:42:33 CEST 2013

Le 2013-05-16 03:19, Michael Schnell a écrit :
> On 05/15/2013 11:48 PM, Michel Catudal wrote:
>> As I mentioned earlier, I have enough information from Microchip to make a fast programmer. What I will need to add is debugging.
> I would rather use PickIT or ICD3 than build my own hardware (in fact this would help those PIC users that can't do hardware themselves).
> Here, EJTAGproxy looks interesting, but of course I don't know whether it is decently fast.
> Maybe it really does not use use the debug interface built in the PIC chip (and supported by PICKit), but some kind of JTAG communication. This could be slow, because, AFAIK, PICKit out of the box does not internally do JTAG, but it can be made to do
> JTAG, as you can toggle each single communication pin via USB. OTOH, PICKit hardware is simple and it contains a PIC chip, so you can create and load your own JTAG enabled firmware, if you dare.
> -Michael

The raphberry pi could be made into a nice device for programming and debugging. The graphic sucks so a headless device would be more usefull. OpenOcd is too generic, cannot be fast. My approach is a dedicated programmer for the PIC32 using the PE from
Microchip. For debugging I would use openocd until I get my gdbproxy working. Rasphberry pi is only $35 which is cheaper than JTAG programmers.
Rasphberry Pi is actually very fast if you don't have the X environment to slow it down.  Once I manage to get setedit to work on the command line I will no longer need the X interface. The latest development on turbo vision seems to have locked it into
using X. I am digging into this to uncripple it. What I would like to have is something just like we use to have on Dos.

My more interesting project is to have a full development system on an Odroid U2 or Odroid X2. The odroid is actually so fast that it rivals with some computers. It costs a little more, an Odroid U2 is $85, still cheaper than most JTAG programmers.


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