[fpc-devel]IDE working again for 1.1 compiler

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Tue Aug 7 08:36:50 CEST 2001

> 04  01 17:35, Peter Vreman wrote:
> PV> The IDE is working again with the 1.1 development compilers. For linux
> PV> a 1.1 IDE is already available in the snapshots directory. For go32v2
> PV> and win32 it'll be monday or tuesday before it will be available.
> Is there a fvision source avaible to make IDE from source?
> A CVS sources from date 2001/07/22 (22 jul) have problems.

When you rename fvision to fv it is possible to build the IDE. But there are still some
problems and the asciitable and symbol browser are excluded.

> A one of problems: now (even in -So mode) FPC do not understand
> assigment of procedure to procedural variable without @.
> It is mistale in -So handling, or it is a new point of view?

Please provide an example that doesn't work

> PS: as I understand from FPC 1.1 sources, FPC can now produce
> *.o file without AS? This is nice.  But 1.1 eats much more RAM

Yes, there is now an internal ELF objectfile writer for linux

> then 1.0.5 when compiling itself. FPC 1.0.5 can work on PC
> with 16 MBytes of RAM. And FPC 1.1 start swapping to disk.

The memory requirements are a little higher. But the source of the compiler is also bigger
so that is another reason why more memory is required.

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