[fpc-devel]IDE working again for 1.1 compiler

Sergey Korshunoff Sergey.Korshunoff at p5.f2666.n5020.z2.fidonet.org
Mon Aug 6 23:55:32 CEST 2001

04 á×Ç 01 17:35, Peter Vreman wrote:
PV> The IDE is working again with the 1.1 development compilers. For linux
PV> a 1.1 IDE is already available in the snapshots directory. For go32v2
PV> and win32 it'll be monday or tuesday before it will be available.

Is there a fvision source avaible to make IDE from source?
A CVS sources from date 2001/07/22 (22 jul) have problems.

A one of problems: now (even in -So mode) FPC do not understand
assigment of procedure to procedural variable without @.
It is mistale in -So handling, or it is a new point of view?

    Sergey Korshunoff

PS: as I understand from FPC 1.1 sources, FPC can now produce
*.o file without AS? This is nice.  But 1.1 eats much more RAM
then 1.0.5 when compiling itself. FPC 1.0.5 can work on PC
with 16 MBytes of RAM. And FPC 1.1 start swapping to disk.

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