[fpc-pascal] VASM upgrade to 1.9 breaks cross compiler build

Norman Dunbar Norman at dunbar-it.co.uk
Tue Apr 18 16:14:35 CEST 2023

Good Afternoon.

After a long break, I decided to start work/play on the Sinclair QL FPC 
cross compiler.

I noticed that using any release of the vasm assembler, from 1.9 
onwards, breaks the "crossall" build. It spits out a number of "warning 
1007: scratch at the end of line" errors, then the build fails with 2 
errors -- neither of which are displayed.

Reverting back to any of the 1.8 releases, 1.8l (ell) is the latest, and 
the build works fine.

I'm pretty sure almost nobody is building the cross compiler for this 
particular bit of 1980s hardware, other than myself and a couple of 
others, but hopefully this message will be useful to someone. It could 
be that the later versions of the assembler are going to break other 
M68K systems?

For best results, the 1.8l version of vasm can be obtained from 
http://phoenix.owl.de/tags/vasm1_8l.tar.gz and this is the most recent 
version of the assembler that will help build the cross compiler.


<b>Norman Dunbar</b>

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