[fpc-pascal] Oberon-0

Adriaan van Os adriaan at adriaan.biz
Tue Apr 18 12:56:18 CEST 2023

> Any suggestions for running simple Oberon-0 programs on the MacOSX command-line ? EIther by 
> emulating its RISC processor or by changing the Oberon-0 compiler ? I  prefer not to load the 
> entire Oberon system (for which there do exist emulators).

To answer my own question .... maybe the simplest option is to port the Oberon-0 compiler code to 
FPC and to link-in the Oberon-0 provided RISC module, which contains an interpreter for the target 
RISC processor, as described in the Wirth's Compiler Construction book.


Adriaan van Os

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