[fpc-pascal] Can't build single package

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Wed Nov 2 16:40:04 CET 2022

El 2/11/22 a les 15:54, Tomas Hajny via fpc-pascal ha escrit:

>> OK, the problem is that I installed the compiler with the windows
>> installer and the makefile expects it to be in its tree (hence the
>> "-n" and the "-Fu" options).
>> Is there something I can do (other than building and installing the
>> compiler from the source tree)?
> This is not matter of the compiler location (the current directory is 
> the location where you started make.exe). However, you are supposed to 
> have the packages sources together with the rtl sources. The location 
> where you start make seems to be the directory of compiled fcl-web 
> package rather than the directory with the respective sources. Did you 
> copy the fcl-web sources there manually?

No, in fact "make clean; make" under linux, with the same tree(*), works:

luca at seis:~/Datos/fpc-3.2.2/packages/fcl-web$ make clean ; make
./fpmake clean --localunitdir=../.. --globalunitdir=.. --os=linux 
--cpu=x86_64 -o -Cg -o -dx86_64 --compiler=/usr/local/bin/ppcx64 -bu
./fpmake compile --localunitdir=../.. --globalunitdir=.. --os=linux 
--cpu=x86_64 -o -Cg -o -dx86_64 --compiler=/usr/local/bin/ppcx64 -bu
Start compiling package fcl-web for target x86_64-linux.
        Compiling BuildUnit_fcl_web.pp
        Compiling ./src/base/fpmimetypes.pp
        Compiling ./src/base/httpprotocol.pp
        Compiling ./src/restbridge/sqldbrestauthini.pp
        Compiling ./src/restbridge/sqldbrestmodule.pp
[100%] Compiled package fcl-web

The difference is that under Linux I built and installed fpc from that 
tree, but there are no compiled units for windows there (only the sources).

(*) when I say "the same" I mean "the same", i.e. linux is the host and 
windows is a guest VM with the "~/Datos" directory mapped as network 
drive D:



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