[fpc-pascal] ncurses 6

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Fri Feb 14 22:39:40 CET 2020

Pascal Fans,

The ncurses and oCRT example programs appear to have an issue with ncurses
6.  Attempting to compile them gets an undefined reference to symbol
'keypad' error.  Adding {$LINKLIB tinfow} to the affected programs works
around the issue.  The ncurses units might need to use:

    pkg-config --libs ncursesw

to gracefully determine which libraries need to be linked against based on
the system's ncurses version.  On my Gentoo Linux system, with ncurses
6.1_p20190609, pkg-config --libs ncursesw returns:

    -lncursesw -ltinfow


Bruceville, TX

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