[fpc-pascal] Free Vision PPXPictureValidator - Runtime Error 216

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Thu Feb 13 20:10:44 CET 2020

Pascal Fans,

With a Free Vision validator such as:

        Init('&&&-####', True)));

I'm getting a runtime error 216 when attempting to validate the field if it
contains invalid data.  I also get a runtime error 216 if I tab into the
field and type an invalid character for the first position while the
previous contents of the field is selected.  If I delete the previous value
in the field before typing an invalid first character, the runtime error
doesn't occur.

This is an example from Chapter 5 - Creating a data-entry screen in the
Turbo Vision Version 2.0 Programming Guide.  Example source code is


Bruceville, TX

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