[fpc-pascal] Compile for WinCE 7, target ARM, CPU Cortex-A9

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Thu Apr 4 13:12:42 CEST 2019

> Hi,
> Is there needed something special to setup when I want compile for my 
> Symbol MC9200 device, which has Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Dual 
> core 1GHz OMAP 4 processor (ARM Cortex-A9).
> When I set up simplest project with only few lines of code and compile 
> for OS="WinCE", CPU family="arm" and I run this application I get 
> Access Violation on target device. I have tested with target CPU = 
> (default), ARMv3, ARMv4 but other CPUs like ARMv5,... does not compile 
> ("Error while assembling exitcode 1").
> Is ARM Cortex-A9 supported in Free Pascal compiler and does "Access 
> violation" can be caused by wrong cross compiler setup?
> What to do to get working solution?
Answering my own question:

When I build cross compiler using FpcUpDeluxe, where I set "Cross Build 
Options Override" to "-Cparmv7A" (The Cortex -A9 cores implement the 
ARMv7-A architecture) then I can sucessfully compile my application for 
WinCE 7.

Drawback is that I must now maintain 2 FPC installations/cross-compilers 
(Win32-WinCE): one for targer WinCE 5,6 with CPUs ARMv5 and another for 
WinCE 7 with ARMv7 CPU (It is not sufficient to setup build modes in 
project ... also all units must be pre-compiled ... at least I do not 
know how to bypass this limitation)


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