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Am Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018, 22:41:34 schrieb Sven Barth via fpc-pascal:
> This won't work in the more diverse
> Linux world where users are more free to decide.

But if you take a closer look at this (diverse) that is some kind of pseudo
free and decide.

It would be technical no such problem to make some compatibility between the
distributions. I am not deep in the KDE and Gnome development, but I wonder
why it is not possible to make compatibility between them. That prevents a
progress which is long overdue. Instead of they are fighting against each
who has the better window manager.

KDE and Gnome use two completely different toolkits, namely Qt and GTK, so
if course they aren't compatible to each other. Same for other like
Enlightenment and what else is there. And then there are users like me who
*only* use a window manager and no desktop environment at all.

Also it is not a lack of choice if you put for example two distributions in
one and make it possible to behave either like distro1 or distro2 by a
checkbox. Or better to make it behave like distro1 and distro2. I guess that
would be also technical possible.

But there aren't just two distributions. There are many. And if one would
do what you suggest then we would simply have one more distribution. Not to
mention that it isn't as simple as you make it out to be. Let's take Debian
and Gentoo or ArchLinux for example. The first is a very stable release and
updates are checked and checked again before they're added to packages
while the other two are rolling releases close to the bleeding edge of the
upstream software and on Gentoo also compiled to the user's wishes.
Combining these two... well... worlds would essentially look like this:
namely a selection of the one or the other during boot with maybe a shared
data partition.
Thus nothing gained here either.

The world of Linux distributions is simply too diverse for something like
this. Everyone simply picks the distro one likes best and we're done.

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