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Wed Jan 17 00:28:27 CET 2018

On 2018-01-16 22:00, Rainer Stratmann wrote:
> Instead of they are fighting against each other
> who has the better window manager.

And that is what I love, and why we have such great Linux desktop 
environments. Competition drives innovation. Just compare it to the cr*p 
Windows 10 interface or MacOS interface. At one stage the latter two 
were all about consistency, Human Interface Guidelines across the board 
etc. Now they are the most inconsistent environments of all, and by far 
the most bland and uninspiring! Yes, I work on FreeBSD, Windows and 
MacOS on a daily basis, so it is very easy for me to compare them all.

Linux package managers have made great strides in easing the 
installation of software. I always felt "app bundles" could be an 
addition to that, but it seems most of the community don't agree. Then 
again, things evolve over time, so maybe there is a possibility this 
time round.


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