[fpc-pascal] Proposal for new Free Pascal logo

Mr Bee pak.lebah at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 10:53:33 CEST 2018

2018-04-03 14:21 GMT+07:00 Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org>:

> I meant the icon it uses for the IDE.

Do you mean this:

> A lot thinner :)

Let's see what I can do.

> And here I will stop: as said, branding is not a subject I am particularly
fond of or interested in. I am more interested in the contents of the box
> than in the packaging...

Well… if we want Pascal to be known again –as modern programming language,
not the old 70's Pascal– then branding is quite important. Especially to
young generation. See what Apple has been achiving with Swift within only 4
years. It goes from nothing to the top 10 of most known programming
languages of the world today, despite all of its flaws and immaturity. Sure
it's also helped by the power of Apple's brand (and marketting), it's still
a good achievement nevertheless.

> If we're looking for 'My little pony' kind of people, then we should
> definitely aim for cute :)
> But this is not exactly the kind of people I think we should attract.

Well, I'm exactly aiming at young people, the next generation of Pascal
developers. I've been seeing FPC's core devs team doesn't change much since
the first time I found FPC almost 20 years ago. I mean no offense, but I'm
not hoping to see this same team again for the next 20 years. I hope we're
starting to see new and younger people joining this great open source
project that we love. These young people is our hope to keep Pascal alive
in the future.

A cheetah is not cute. It's a wild animal which will have no compunction
> about slashing your throat or ripping your intestines out if you get it
> cornered.

It's just a logo. It's a brand, not a 100% exact representation of the
product/company. Don't take it too literally. Python is also a wild and
dangerous animal, but Python language and the users are very far from that.

I get this often too, but now I show them pas2js.

I meant Pascal for server side web app, similar to Python or PHP or

But unfortunately, I don't believe a flashy/cute/whatever logo will change
> this...

Of course, a new logo isn't a silver bullet. It won't make Pascal famous
overnight. This new logo surely wouldn't help much if we don't follow it
with promotions and good contents. But at least, we have a new, fresh,
attractive, and modern face to begin with. Hopefully this new face would
bring new spirit to the community to do more. I've read somewhere in the
list/forum, some people even suggested to change Pascal name to break the
relation and association to the old Pascal. Should we?

You know what, almost every time I talk about Pascal to young developers,
they think the old and stupid Brian Kernighan's article "Why Pascal is Not
My Favorite Programming Language" still applied. It's the reason why
RemObject use a new name for its Pascal-based compiler.

I am curious :)

Thank you, but I can't promise you anything yet. I'm doing this in my spare
time, mostly on the weekend. We're in no rush, just consider this as a mind

I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this. It's not because I
> think differently about what the result should be that I don't appreciate
> the effort you put in this, so thank you for that !

You're welcome. I fully understand it. It's alright. In fact, we need your
opinion, also from other FPC core devs as well. We need to know what you
guys want with the logo in particular and the project in general. This new
logo proposal means nothing without core devs' approval. I'm just a happy
user and big supporter of FPC who haven't contribute anything useful to the



–Mr Bee
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