[fpc-pascal] Help building FPC on armhf

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Jul 1 10:56:14 CEST 2015

Andrew Brunner wrote on Wed, 01 Jul 2015:

> When compiling FPC 2.6.4 bootstrap  I determined that :
> -OpARMV71 is not a supported option.
> -cfVFPV3 is not a supported option.

The correct parameter is -Cfvfpv3, with a capital C.

> On make sourceinstall I determined that there is something wrong  
> with the make process because nothing I do can get make  
> sourceinstall to stop overriding the source in  
> /usr/share/src/fpc-2.6.4 with my 3.1.1 source :-(
> <snip>
> /bin/rm -f build-stamp.*
> /bin/rm -f base.build-stamp.*
> /usr/bin/install -m 755 -d /usr/share/src/fpc-2.6.4/fpc
> /bin/cp -Rfp /Developer/FPC/* /usr/share/src/fpc-2.6.4/fpc
> The script should have shown /usr/share/src/fpc-3.1.1 etc...

It will if either your default compiler is FPC 3.1.1, or if you  
specify an FPC 3.1.1 compiler via FPC=/path/to/3.1.1/version/of/ppcarm


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