[fpc-pascal] More Win CE

Fantomas fantomaspda at yandex.com
Sat Nov 20 14:48:48 CET 2010

>> Then, it is awesome, is not it? As for me, WM and its API was quite
>> comprehensible and convenient to develope applications in my favourite
>> Pascal. There was large number of devices running under WM. Fotunately, there
>> is a lot of ones so far.

> Sorry, but what do think is awesome? That you can only write .NET 
> applications for Windows Phone 7? That's what I call terrible (which is 
> basically the contrary of "awesome").

Of course, I meant that it's terrible and horrible, for I like WM and

>> Maybe in the near future it will be worth to tend to the upcoming Bada platform
>> of Samsung which allows to develope in C++? :)

> Operating systems which provide a C++ API are always harder to interface 
> with e.g. Free Pascal than C based ones, because you need to flatten the 
> interface. See e.g. QT where you need to use an additional library which 
> flattens the C++ based API to a C based one.

I still do not know much of the bada architecture, but I am not really sure that
bada support is easy to add to FPC (if you are speaking of the bada port). I
only meant that I can use bada IDE to code in C/C++. I am not very fond of Java
and .Net.

Best regards,

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