[fpc-pascal] More Win CE

Frank Peelo f26p at eircom.net
Sun Nov 21 00:00:07 CET 2010

  On 20/11/10 13:48, Fantomas wrote:
> ...
>> Sorry, but what do think is awesome? That you can only write .NET
>> applications for Windows Phone 7? That's what I call terrible (which is
>> basically the contrary of "awesome").
> Of course, I meant that it's terrible and horrible, for I like WM and
> FreePascal.

Maybe the word you were looking for was "awful", not "awesome"?

Cue old joke about John Wayne, in "The Robe"...
JW:"truly this man was the son of God"
Director: "put more 'awe ' in it!"
JW: "awwww truly this man was the son of God"



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