[fpc-pascal] object.ClassInfo.Create

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Fri Jun 19 00:33:45 CEST 2009

Martin wrote:
> Just got a question, to ensure I understand thinks correctly.
> Let's start with stuff I definitely know (or think so).
> Destructors are virtual/overriden, because they are called on the 
> instance, and the instance may be assigned to a variable "foo: Tobject", 
> which would call TObject.Destroy instead of TMyClass.Destroy.
> Constructors don't (usually) need this, because the are (usually) called 
> on a class (that is the classname usually appears hardcoded in the source)
> on TComponent constructors are virtual, because when loading from 
> resource, those objects are instantiated separately (with NewInstance() 
> ), and the constructor is called on an instance. So nothing new, the 
> usual way of virtual methods

It's not only for streaming, there are more common cases where you might 
need virtual constructors:

   GraphicClass: TGraphicClass;
   Graphic: TGraphic;
   case Something of
     1: GraphicClass := TBitmap;
     2: GraphicClass := TPNGImage;
   Graphic := GraphicClass.Create;

> Now if I have a variable/value with classinfo?
> AnyObject.ClassInfo => has the class info for it's class
> TMyClass.Classinfo, could either be a TmyClass or a TMySubClass
> (and per definition ClassInfo is TObject, and could be anything 
> inherited from Tbject)


> SO if I wrote
>  FMyClass := AMyClass.Classinfo.Create;
> What will actually happen?

It creates an instance of your class, but calls TObject.Create

> If I understand this right, an instance of TMyClass (or TMySubClass , if 
> AMyClass was a TMySubClass) is created; BUT the constructor 
> TObject.Create is called (with then TMyClass instance) ?
> And it would skip any constructor that was on TMyclass?


> Then I could of course write
>  TMyClassType = class of TMyClass;
>  FMyClass := TMyClassType (AMyClass.Classinfo).Create;
> and it would call TMyClass.Create. And if TMyClass wanted to have it's 
> own constructor, the TMyClass.Create must be virtual?

No, you don't need a virtual constructor here yet, since the 
TMyClass.Create will be called. However if you have TMySubClass too with 
an own create, you need one.

> How close am I do the truth?

Close :)


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