[fpc-pascal] dcpcrypt 64-bit?

German Gentile german.gentile at petrobox.net
Wed Apr 29 15:23:52 CEST 2009

2009/4/29 Seth Grover <sethdgrover at gmail.com>

> There was a thread back in January about including DCPCrypt in the
> FCL. One of the questions that arose was whether it ported to 64-bit
> platforms. I didn't see that question ever answered, but yesterday
> when I started compiling one of my projects which uses it on a 64-bit
> machine there was some crashing in the DCPCrypt code (casting pointers
> as longwords and whatnot). Before I attempt to do so (or seek
> alternatives) has anyone here successfully modified DCPCrypt to work
> on 64-bit?

Theres a 64 bit version, i use all the time. But to be honest im not sure
about license terms, because the dcrypt developer send me via email and dont
publish on her site.

I suggest you contact David Barton <davebarton at cityinthesky.co.uk>.

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