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Tue Apr 28 10:03:19 CEST 2009

Doug, Hi
Thanks for the welcome.

As a  veteran Turbo Pascal user, (since ver 3.0 in 1986), I was introduced to  
Object Pascal in 1989 when I upgraded to TP ver 5.5, although it was quite 
different to Object Pascal we use today. BTW, I still "sort of" know my way 
around Turbo Vision.

I've been using Object Pascal, (as we know it), since Delphi 1.0, which I 
purchased in 1995. I also own a copy of Turbo Pascal For Windows 1.0 which I 
acquired in 1991, but I did not make much use of it.

I have used most of the Delphi releases since, including 2009, (even used 
Kylix). I do prefer the older IDE's though (Delphi 7), although the later 
Delphi compilers support some cool OOP extension that I could do with in 
FPC. Perhaps in time they will be included.

I first came accross Free Pascal prior to ver 1.0 (ver 0.96? around 
1999 - 2000). IMO, the Free Pascal compiler really rocks. The FPC team are 
very good at what they do - Good work and thanks guys!

Over the last few years, since mid 2005 to be precise, I have been developing 
an Object Pascal Class Framework Library. Where possible, the library has 
support for both MS Windows and Linux. The library comprises hundreds of 
classes divided in 130 plus logical units, each dedicated to providing 
support for a specific section or area, (Timers, schedulers, IPC, fault 
tolorance, database, xml etc, etc)  

Although the library is suitable for GUI applications, the idea is to use the 
library for console based Linux applications on the x86 platform. My 
intention is to produce sophisticated multithreaded and multiprocess embedded 
applications for use within the process control and security industries.

In order to take my work to the next level, I'm looking to partner with
person(s) or company(s) and perhaps someone has some ideas and
advise in this regard.

If anybody is interested in more detailed information regarding the class 
library, they are welcome to email me at libinfo at silvermono.co.za

Regards to all,
Nino Luciani


On Tuesday 28 April 2009 00:04:10 Doug Chamberlin wrote:
> Nino Luciani wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > A quick introduction. I joined the FPC mailing lists yesterday.
> Hi, Nino! Welcome!
> Are you new to the Object Pascal world or have you been using the
> language for a while?
> Doug C.
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