[fpc-pascal] How I can install FPC IDE in MacOS

Schindler Karl-Michael karl-michael.schindler at web.de
Tue Apr 14 21:42:10 CEST 2009

On Apr 14, 2009, at 09:17:33, Travis Siegel wrote:

> I for one have no desire to use lazarius ide, but I would like to use
> some of the libraries that come with it.
> I however, have been completely unsuccessful in getting the lazarius
> environment to build properly on osx.  It is supposed to work, but all
> I get is errors about missing units, same with trying to use pascocoa,
> missing units, and no compile.
> I'm not new to building from scratch, but the instructions say one
> thing about how to do things, and the actuality is completely  
> different.
> It's not important enough to me to waste the time it would take to
> iron out these issues, since the base fpc install works just fine for
> my needs.  Having pascocoa working would be a nice plus, but its by no
> means necessary, as I can use java for my gui building if necessary,
> then using the xtools, tie that java code back to C  or pascal code to
> do the work behind the gui.
> However, if someone else manages to take the time to solve these
> problems, I'd certainly test/use such an environment, but at the
> moment, it's not important enough to me personally to bother with it.
> (especially since when I ask questions about it on list, I get answers
> that don't even pretend to address the issues of which I have asked)
> To me, that just cries no contest.  And, if the actual fpc folks dont
> care enough to give valid answers, then I dont care enough to make it
> work.

Maybe, you can get somewhat further by using fink. the package lazarus- 
common installs the gtk, aqua and gtk2 version of the lazarus  
component library (lcl). The easiest use is through lazarus, either in  
the native aqua look (package lazarus-aqua) or the gtk look (package  
lazarus-gtk). I have recently also added also a gtk2 version, but this  
is still fairly "rough" and depends on a large number of other  
libraries. It should also be possible to use the lazarus component  
library, but i did not try that.

Until now, installing lazarus with fink also needs fpc installed  
through fink. Unfortunately, this means that there might be  
"interference" if you keep the freepascal installed through the .dmg  
package. The solution would be to rename /usr/local or take it off the  
PATH variable of your shell. One advantage of fink is that you can  
easily achieve a clean removal of installed packages with the fink  
command "purge".

Maybe, it would be a good idea to join the irc channel lazarus-ide on  
irc.freenode.net. There are a good number of good willing people who  
would probably guide you through your problems.

Best wishes - Michael Schindler

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