[fpc-pascal] Re: How I can install FPC IDE in MacOS

Richard Ward roward at mac.com
Mon Apr 13 19:06:13 CEST 2009

Adam Pahlevi wrote:

> Is there FPC IDE that can run inside Mac OS X
> is there, how to install and compile or build or any stuff like  
> that, that I may run?


You just missed a few posts concerning beginning with FPC on the  
Mac. :)  Check out the most recent archives for information on Carbon,  
Cocoa, macpas mode, OOP, and MacOSAll and other compiler directives.

To program FPC on the Mac you have to

1) Install Apple's X-code developer package.

2) Download and install FPC for the mac OS   ( brand new version FPC v  
2.2.4 just released!)

     if you are using an intel mac

	Free Pascal - Download Mac OS X

     or if you are using a powerpc mac

	Free Pascal - Download Mac OS X

3) And do one or more of the following:

	a) Install and learn and use the Xcode Integration Toolkit which  
comes with the above downloads

	b) Download and use Ingemar's LW IDE for the Mac
		Lightweight IDE

	c) Download and use Josef's Pascal Gladiator for the Mac


	d) Download, install, learn and use   Lazarus  for the Mac

I personally recommend LW IDE, especially if you are just starting out  
as it is the simplest to use.   If you find you need more  
capabilities, check out the other options.

I don't think the FPC IDE is available for the Mac?   Someone can  
correct me if I'm wrong.

I suggest at least skimming over the FPC language reference guide and  
other documents so you have an idea of the FPC dialect versus what you  
may or may not know from previous macintosh (or other platform) pascal  

	Free Pascal - Online documentation

Also, here is a link to a couple fpc wiki Macintosh pages.   Note,  
they talk about compatibility with older mac pascal dialects.   You  
won't have to worry about this if you are brand new to mac programming  
and don't have any old mac pascal code you want to port.

	Free Pascal - Free Pascal on the Macintosh
	Mode MacPas - Free Pascal wiki

if you want to do any Carbon programming  you will need to use the  
unit MacOSAll in your programs.

if you want to use Cocoa in your programs, there is some support in  
Lazarus and also work currently being done to provide a programming  
interface like there is for Carbon.   - ROW

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