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thanks for these links, wonder why this site was not listed the mac 
developer forums ..

>And he can of course also look at the source code of existing VNC  servers, 
>e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/osxvnc/
see my other reply



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On 27 Aug 2008, at 23:01, Damien Gerard wrote:

> Le Aug 26, 2008 à 3:49 PM, Paul a écrit :
>> i want to port one of my Delphi applications to Mac OS X.
>> Before I start (don't even have a Mac yet), I need to know if it's 
>> possible at all.
>> It's a client side part of a remote admin program.
>> For this program, I need to control the system and get info about  the 
>> system like:
>> - check if user has admin rights
> It is an UNIX env. So admin rights is nearly meaningless.

Indeed. Use Authorization Services to query the system about whether
you currently have the rights to perform a particular action, and if
you don't to request the user to authorise you to do so (e.g. by
entering the login and password of an administrator user).


> Instead of reinventing the wheel you should use the Apple Remote  Desktop 
> or a VNC client (I recommend you a SSH tunnel)

And he can of course also look at the source code of existing VNC
servers, e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/osxvnc/

But since it's such low level stuff, it's likely to require
modifications for different OS versions and using an existing (and
nowadays system-provided) protocol is indeed probably the best way to


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