[fpc-pascal] Support Interfaces

Stephen Dickason sdickason at elcb.co.za
Mon Sep 17 10:25:00 CEST 2007

>> I'm new to the multi-OS programming environment and wondered if there was
>> some documentation on the different interface mechanisms used in FPC?
>Please elaborate. Interface as in the language feature regarding
>interfaces between classes? Or operating system interfaces, i.e. API?

Sorry, I think I'm having a slow Monday.
By interface mechanisms I meant: gtk, win api, gnome (???), etc.  Probably
any existing/external api.
There seem to be a lot that I haven't heard of yet and don't know which OSs
and architectures they work on etc.
One of the open source program problems I have is the amount of reading
required to understand what the program is supposed to do in a nut shell and
where it does it.
I am stuck with Windows XP and DG/UX unix for the moment, but want to move
into linux (which version and gui will be interesting - pointers would be

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