[fpc-pascal] Re: PasWiki for download?

L L at z505.com
Thu Oct 25 16:52:24 CEST 2007

Graeme wrote:
> I started with a MarkDown syntax parser (mostly code snippets at the
> moment). I'd like to abstract it as a class which can then be used in
> other projects as well. Things like CGI apps or fpdoc's description
> files. eg: Editing the documentation in Lazde (or fpGUI's doceditor)
> using MarkDown syntax and when the documentation gets saved, convert
> it to XHTML (or possibly store it in MarkDown syntax in the XML
> files).

The syntax used for one of my wiki parsers is currently like this:

It also accepts HTML as input too.. so if you find you are missing a feature
then you can just use HTML whenever needed. That could be disabled by filtering
less than and greater than signs.

I have to do some stress testing with regards to 'Edit Conflicts' and will
release simple wiki on sourceforge instead of just having some of the code on
SVN. The parser and some other tests are on SVN already.

The parser is specially designed so it can be reused in procedural code or OOP
code and can output any sort of format you want.. you just use events to trap
what happens while it is parsing (or a.k.a. callbacks).

I am thinking of building a partial or near full mediawiki compatible parser if
I have time. In fact I already have built one in another project that parses
some of the wikipedia syntax but not all.

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