[fpc-pascal] 0.9.20 released

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Thu Nov 9 10:15:38 CET 2006

Adrian Veith schreef:
> Hello,
> Next problem:
> Because I prefer the fpc2.1.1 compiler i changed the setup to use my 
> fpc-2.1.1. (current svn snapshot). I did a "make clean all" Everything 
> builds well, but when i try to start lazarus it throws an exception: 
> Error reading SplashForm.Left. Unknown property "Left"
> The same errror is thrown, when you install the 
> Lazarus-0.9.21-fpc-2.1.1-20061108-win32.exe and start lazarus.
> Seems like the 2.1.1 compiler has problems with RTTI.
> I know, the daily snapshots are not tested, but i think its nice to use 
> lazarus, with the 2.1.1 compiler.

This is a known issue with the fpc 2.1.1 compiler.


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