[fpc-pascal] 0.9.20 released

Adrian Veith adrian at veith-system.de
Thu Nov 9 10:09:52 CET 2006


I did a plain install from scratch (the 
Lazarus-0.9.20-fpc-2.0.4-20061105-win32.exe) and wanted to rebuild 
Lazarus. The rebuild with the preinstalled fpc-2.0.4 stops with an error:

Compiling svn2revisioninc.pas
Linking .\svn2revisioninc.exe
.\svn2revisioninc.o(.data+0x14): In function `FINDREVISION':
svn2revisioninc.pas:150: undefined reference to `DEBUGINFO_WINDOWS'
In function `SYSTEM_init':
system.pp:1133: undefined reference to `_stkptr'
Error: Error while linking

Next problem:

Because I prefer the fpc2.1.1 compiler i changed the setup to use my 
fpc-2.1.1. (current svn snapshot). I did a "make clean all" Everything 
builds well, but when i try to start lazarus it throws an exception: 
Error reading SplashForm.Left. Unknown property "Left"

The same errror is thrown, when you install the 
Lazarus-0.9.21-fpc-2.1.1-20061108-win32.exe and start lazarus.

Seems like the 2.1.1 compiler has problems with RTTI.

I know, the daily snapshots are not tested, but i think its nice to use 
lazarus, with the 2.1.1 compiler.



Mattias Gaertner schrieb:
> The Lazarus team is glad to announce the 0.9.20 release. This release
> is based on fpc 2.0.4.
> This release can be downloaded from the sourceforge download page:
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=89339
> Detailed list of changes:
> New widgetset: fpgui
> updated translations: german, finnish, catalan, russian,
>   italian, africaans (af-za), spanish
> IDE: renaming a component now automatically renames methods
>   with default names, and inherited components
> made TColorButton a TCustomSpeedButton descendant
>   from Tom Gregorovic
> Capture any mouse button by setting TControl.CaptureMouseButton
>   property from Tom Gregorovic (#7653)
> LCL: published TAction.DisableIfNoHandler
> LCL: setup better default properties for png writer
>   from Tom Gregorovic
> IDE: project directory is now added to the include path
>   of all project directories
> sqldb package: added TOracleConnection to component palette
> win32 installer: fixed including the binutils from fpcbuild
> creating package makefiles: the win64 OS uses the win32 widget set
> svn2revisioninc can parse svn 1.4 meta data to determine a version
> debugger: added dwarfloading to windebugger
>   added exception dissection
>   added linenumber address resolving
>   added setting of breakpoints
> the search results window now has a close button for non gtk users
> trayiconlaz: moved TTrayIcon to 'additional' tab in component
>   palette for Delphi compatibility
> LCL: added TStaticText to 'additional' tab in component palette
>   for Delphi compatibility
> IDEIntf: image list editor: implemented auto splitting
>   of added image  from Etrusco
> synedit: codefolding is now completely implemented and
>   enabled as default in the IDE. It uses simple begin..end blocks
>   as demonstration. Eventually nicer block boundaries will be used.
> grids, picklist select fixed
> TrimFilename no longer reduces ${Macro}/.. directories
> cups printing: implemented default paper sizes  from Jesus
> moved code from TControlScrollBar to TScrollingWinControl,
>   deriving TScrollingWinControl from TCustomControl  from Flavio
> added example to add IDE help for the sources of a package
>   examples/helpforpackage/demopackagewithhelp.lpk
> test runner: added writing results to file
>   and showing simple progress
> fpcunit: new console runner uses new fpcunitconsolerunner package
> qt intf:
>   Patch from zeljko. Implements TQtAbstractSlider, TQtScrollBar,
>   TQtTrackBar, TQtPen (CreatePenIndirect)
>   and TQtRegion (CreateRectRgn).
>   Unified qt4 header files. Updated bindings to 1.21
>   added support for menus, font, progressbar and statusbar
>   Combobox
> And two hundred fixes and minor improvements.
> Mattias
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