[fpc-pascal] Daemon doesn't work right at boottime.

Burkhard Carstens fpc at bcsoft.de
Thu Jun 1 22:55:17 CEST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2006 22:40 schrieb A.J. Venter:
> Hi all,
> I have written a daemon as part of a project (I used the daemon.pp
> example as a skeleton), it's working quite perfectly if you start it
> from the commandline, including from the bootscript I wrote.
> But when started at boottime it doesn't operate correctly anymore.
> The timer still counts perfectly but it is as if it never hits the
> trigger times. By following the log files I can verify that the
> timer-triggered events never occur if it is started at boottime.
> These events, and their associated intervals are read from plugin
> configuration files in /etc/
> All I can imagine is that for some reason when started from the
> bootscripts - the daemon suddenly doesn't find the files... but why
> would it then find it if you run the same script from a terminal
> later ?
> Any idea where I should start looking ?

Just a shot into the dark: maybe you start yout deamon, before your 
local timezone is set up? 

Does it change anything, when you move your bootscript to a higher 
position in rc.x, e.g. make it S99whatever?


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