[fpc-pascal] Daemon doesn't work right at boottime.

A.J. Venter aj at getopenlab.com
Thu Jun 1 22:40:54 CEST 2006

Hi all,
I have written a daemon as part of a project (I used the daemon.pp example as 
a skeleton), it's working quite perfectly if you start it from the 
commandline, including from the bootscript I wrote.

But when started at boottime it doesn't operate correctly anymore.

The timer still counts perfectly but it is as if it never hits the trigger 
times. By following the log files I can verify that the timer-triggered 
events never occur if it is started at boottime. 
These events, and their associated intervals are read from plugin 
configuration files in /etc/ 
All I can imagine is that for some reason when started from the bootscripts - 
the daemon suddenly doesn't find the files... but why would it then find it 
if you run the same script from a terminal later ?

Any idea where I should start looking ?

"there's nothing as inspirational for a hacker as a cat obscuring a bug 
by sitting in front of the monitor" - Boudewijn Rempt
A.J. Venter
Chief Software Architect
OpenLab International
+27 82 726 5103

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