[fpc-pascal] 2.0.4-rc2: compiling mseide gives Fatal Internal errors

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Mon Jul 31 22:29:47 CEST 2006


when compiling without -B we get internal errors like 200110203 and 200306067

is more info as below required ?

200110203 :
 mseclasses.pas(2122,7) Warning: Class types "tmsecomponent" and 
"TComponentcracker" are not related
mseclasses.pas(2320,2) Note: Local variable "ca1" not used
mseclasses.pas(2398,1) Fatal: Internal error 200110203
mseclasses.pas(87,48) Fatal: Compilation aborted


mseclasses.pas(533,4) Note: Private field "TComponentcracker.FDesignInfo" is 
never used
mseclasses.pas(534,4) Note: Private field "TComponentcracker.FVCLComObject" is 
never used
mseclasses.pas(535,4) Note: Private field "TComponentcracker.FComponentState" 
is never used
Compiling /other/storage/rpms/fpc/cvs/mseide-msegui/lib/common/kernel/msesys.pas
mseevent.pas(120,1) Fatal: Internal error 200306067
mseevent.pas(87,48) Fatal: Compilation aborted

svn info:
Path: .
URL: https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mseide-msegui/trunk/apps/ide
Revision: 107

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.0.4-rc2 [2006/07/23] for i386

compile command
ppc386 -B -omseide 
-Fu/other/storage/rpms/fpc/cvs/mseide-msegui/lib/common/*/ -l -Mobjfpc -Sh 
-gl mseide.pas

kind regards,

Den Jean

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