[fpc-pascal] national support

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at mbox.vol.cz
Thu Jul 27 23:46:22 CEST 2006

On 26 Jul 06, at 9:38, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Jul 2006, Friš Martin Mgr wrote:
> > I give additional details. I write programs for mathematical linguistics. 
> > Especially program for frequency dictionary of chosen text. 
> > I write text to the editor. The text is in Czech. It displays correctly in editor window , 
> > i.e. with diacritics. Then follows transformation into words. In program for frequency 
> > diactionary, which contains binary search I have usual read and write statements. 
> > When I send the result to the printer with write it is displayed incorrectly on the 
> > print output - the diacritics. I am working under Windows |X|P.
> You cannot do that; The screen is in codepage 1250 (or 1251), but the codepage of the
> printer is most likely 850 or so (whatever plain ascii is). What you can try to do is 
> to use the windows  AnsiToOEMChar routine to convert the windows codepage to something 
> that the printer understands.

"Something that the printer understands" is the 
important part. It might be that it doesn't 
support the characters with diacritics by default 
and that you need to switch to another character 
set using some control code first (where the 
control code would be most likely specific to the 
particular printer or at least "category")...


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