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Friš Martin Mgr Martin.Fris at rsd.cz
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I give additional details. I write programs for mathematical linguistics. Especially program for frequency dictionary of chosen text. I write text to the editor. The text is in Czech. It displays correctly in editor window , i.e. with diacritics. Then follows transformation into words. In program for frequency diactionary, which contains binary search I have usual read and write statements. When I send the result to the printer with write it is displayed incorrectly on the print output - the diacritics. I am working under Windows |X|P.

    What other details should I give for somebody to give me advice.

   Martin Fris


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I am enthusiastic user of Free Pascal. I want ask a question, if there in Free Pascal exist the support for national environment. In czech there are letters with diacritics. They are not displayed correctly on the screen and on the printer. In Windows there is code page 1250 for these signs. Is there something in Free pascal?

Martin Fris



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