[fpc-pascal] OOT: Pascal (especially FPC) on Linux community

Kornel Kisielewicz charon at magma-net.pl
Mon Jan 30 19:52:29 CET 2006

Ron Weidner napisaƂ(a):
>>> * Provide a "native" GUI for FPC (maybe by
>>> porting/extending CGUI?)
>> There is MSEide + MSEgui:
> That said, there is really nothing stoping someone
> from writting a cool, cross-platform, game in FPC.  If
> you would like to use OpenGL FPC can do that too. 

I'll try, but it'll take some time ;-).

> Of course every game needs sound.  And there is no
> better way to provide it than the open OGG sound
> format.  It's better than MP3 with no royalties or
> commercial licenses.

Yeah, that's good.

> PTCP    -- Keyboard, mouse, and joystick i/o.  2d GFX
> and hi res timers.
> OpenGL  -- 'nuff said. :)
> ACS     -- Sound in many formats including OGG

You forgot(?) to mention two important game-helping libraries:
OpenAL and SDL. Personally I much prefer SDL over Allegro -- seems more 
tidy to me (although that's my personal opinion -- don't want to start a 
flamewar here ^_^).


> Network -- Well, I haven't looked too hard yet but I'm
> sure there is a cross-platform TCP/IP tool set out
> there somewhere for FPC.  If not, I know there is for
> C that could be ported or wrapped.  

SDL-Net is one example.

> All that's needed is a game development team and a
> cool idea.  If you want to join a new game development
> team, there is no better time than now.  I can provide
> some web hosting for a small team, email addresses,
> forums, etc.  I could help promote FPC based game
> products.  Oh yeah, I can also contribute code and
> maybe a little art.
> What can you do?            

I can do exactly the same ;-). I also have a cool idea of a game I'm 
going to create (no, not a roguelike again), but I'm too much of a 
visionare to work with a team -- I have a realy strong sense of what the 
game should look like.

And remember ...
... and the PGD Annual Game Development Competition!

(I can't take part due to my exam session :-( )
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