[fpc-pascal] OOT: Pascal (especially FPC) on Linux community

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Mon Jan 30 22:56:11 CET 2006

> If you really want the job that would be great.  I was
> going to work on that myself but, I would have done it
> in PHP.  But, since you are willing to write the site
> using FPC, I would be willing to set up hosting (Unix)
> and a domain name. (or just a domain name if you
> already have hosting).

> Are you thinking about a community website?  (forums,
> showcase, calendar, etc)  Would you need a particular
> Database?  sqlite, mySql, postgres?

If the site got bigger, probably mysql. To start off, we can use a nice text database
format called SDS from psp project which relies on no external database, and is great
for starter sites who think they need a real database but not sure they want to
commit to one. It as full capabilities to export to SQL later if the site gets bigger
:) I guess they call this "scaling" and "backwards/forwards compatibility".

As for you going to do the development in PHP? Instead, I would force you to help me
in Pascal :)
And then I would go about changing your email signature to this:

Ronald Weidner
PHP/PSP Software developer for hire.

And mine to this:

Lars (L505)
PHP/PSP Software developer for hire.

Hit two birds with one stone:
 FPC gaming + FPC website development

instead of
 FPC gaming + PHP website development

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