[fpc-pascal] A simple "exception handling" question

Bob Richards bob at tamara-b.org
Mon Jan 30 02:48:39 CET 2006

L505 wrote:

> Which installation/ide are you using for FPC, just FP-IDE or commandline, or Lazarus?

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.0.0 [2005/05/15] for i386
I don't use an IDE, I simply use vi to edit source, and then "fpc sourcefile" to produce
the executable.
> .A, .O, .ppu files and etc. will be in a special folder called "units", whereas the

Yeah I found them in the rtl units directory... along with the .ppu, and .o files. After
your first reply, I did a quick "locate *.A" found nothing :-( Of course, on my system
they are .a I instantly ASSUMED the lack of .A files, was the reason I couldn't ever
smartlink a program. I had been using {$SMARTLINK ON} at the top of the source file, but
this NEVER did anything. the -XX was the trick.

So, I recompiled strutils with the patch and with the -CX command line, and I still
couldn't find strutils.a HOWEVER, I did find a new libpstrutils.a. Moving that over to
/usr/lib/fpc/2.0.0/units/i386-linux/rtl and recompiling my program with the -XX produced a
properly working elf, 1/3 the size of the old elf. -XX and -CX are now permanantly in
/etc/fpc.cfg VERY NICE, and THANKS all!

I also appreciate your patience with this...


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