[fpc-pascal] A simple "exception handling" question

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sun Jan 29 22:34:27 CET 2006

> This brings up another nagging question I have had. If I set SpartLinking ON, my
> executables are no smaller! Your reply here seems to suggest, that I do not have
any of my
> units compiled with SmartLinking enabled. There are no ".A" files in my source
> To enable Smart Linking, do I need to recomplile the sources with some switch
> SmartLinking to be active? The Docs, imply NO, that this is the default; your reply
> implies Yes.
> Bob

Sometimes with Lazarus you get *no* smartlinked units on Win32.

Which installation/ide are you using for FPC, just FP-IDE or commandline, or Lazarus?

If you do need to recompile your units, use the OPT="-CX" with the "make" command.
But you really shouldn't have to do this, unless you are using Lazarus win32 and you
want to rebuild the default non-smartlinked shipment.

.A, .O, .ppu files and etc. will be in a special folder called "units", whereas the
source code is actually in several directories all over the place. The "units"
directory is more like a "build output" directory for storage of the object/binary


This is where my .A files are for Winblows.

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