[fpc-pascal] A simple "exception handling" question

Bob Richards bob at tamara-b.org
Sun Jan 29 17:53:13 CET 2006

Marco van de Voort wrote:

> You are aware of the fact that the .o's belong to units too?
> Delphi .dcu = fpc .ppu + fpc .o !

Dumb me! Nope! And this was the problem. I just copied the new strutils.ppu file into
/usr/lib/fpc/... NOT the strutils.o as well. So when the executable got "linked" it got
linked with the wrong (old un-patched) code.

It now works! Thanks....  Guess I will have to pay more attention to the compiler, as I
tend to use the compiler as if it were "God", and any problems are obviously mine and mine

Lesson Learned! thank you all very very much.

Is there a list of similar "patches" to bugs? I would like to nip the next one in the bud
so to speak. :-)

An Aside: This FPC has allowed me to ressurect so much of my source-code from the early
days, of ARPANET, and FIDONET, that it has become a real big asset (not to mention a lot
of fun)! I drooled when I saw all the new functions and procedures available.... Nifty
stuff! What I have to keep in the back of my mind, is, that this is User-Supported.... and
as such will have the occasional "bug".

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