[fpc-pascal] source file size ?

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Thu Jan 5 16:05:56 CET 2006

> > are there any know limits on how big a source file can be for the FPC compiler ?
> interesting question... hmm did you try a  3GB file which calls writeln('test')
> and over and over again?

> That's the stupid way of doing tests - the smart way would
> be waiting for an answer from the FPC team.

> > hmmm ... i'm sensing some sarcasm.

None intended, I was serious.. personally, I tried the test and what will limit you
is the memory on your pc. Thousands of writeln on my windows machine said "you are
out of virtual memory". So this will only be your problem, as far as I tested..

>i'm not usually one to post dumb questions to a list because i'm lazy
>or have nothing better to do.

It wasn't a dumb question - I'm a user too, I'm not a developer (yet).

>in any event ... i have no idea if putting 3GB's of "writeln"
>statements in a file is a good test.

It sort of is, at least I found out something new.. the virtual memory blew up on my
PC at 180704 lines of source code ... with writeln('test');

> in my case, the data would have to have structure.

That too, you could try something like a simple record over and over again. Your data
wouldn't be over and over again, but it would still tell you quickly if FPC can
handle 400MB of source code, 4GB, etc. A writeln('test') would still cause you to
place thousands of strings into the exe and etc.

My idea was to let the FPC team tell you more about it than doing a silly test like
this.. because I'm just a user and they know more. But I suppose it's not that silly
because I learned something about virtual
memory when I tried it.

> Here are my prefered colors for your website (take it or leave it):
>   body bgcolor="#1E1E1E" text="#D7D7D7" link="#006699" alink="#006699"
> vlink="#006699"
> Gotta love dark backgrounds.
> hmmm website Sigs really do work because I went ahead and clicked on your site.

hmmm ... i just don't know if i'm reading into the intent of your
comments very well.

I've experimented with dark backgrounds and found an "off black" to be nice on
websites. I've found white on black is nice especially when it's an "off black" and
an "off white". I was complimenting your site.. here I have written about this a
while back:


Only advantage with the old corporate black on white is that it is easier to send to
the printer.

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