[fpc-pascal] source file size ?

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Thu Jan 5 07:43:00 CET 2006

Tony Pelton wrote:
> hi all,
> i wanted to ask a question, before i spend time going down a road to
> implement it.
> are there any know limits on how big a source file can be for the FPC compiler ?
> i was thinking about experimenting with "code generating" a source
> file that would become a memory resident database of sorts.
> this would make my application, implemented as a shared library
> "plugin" quite fast, and would potentially simplify the distribution
> of my shared library to my user base.
> are there any thoughts on having a source file that might be megabytes
> in size that is basically just structured data implemented as source ?

I think there are no hard limits on the source size. But you have to 
keep in mind that procedures (and maybe data) cannot become infinitely 
long, generating fast object code for them would be too complicated.

I would definitely try it.

BTW, lazarus is doing something similar, generating large strings that 
act as resource, the largest several 100's of KB. But they are 
statically linked.


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