[fpc-pascal] source file size ?

Tony Pelton tpelton at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 07:16:25 CET 2006

On 1/5/06, L505 <fpc505 at z505.com> wrote:
> > are there any know limits on how big a source file can be for the FPC compiler ?
> interesting question... hmm did you try a  3GB file which calls writeln('test') over
> and over and over again?

> That's the stupid way of doing tests - the smart way would
> be waiting for an answer from the FPC team.

hmmm ... i'm sensing some sarcasm.

i'm not usually one to post dumb questions to a list because i'm lazy
or have nothing better to do.

also, i thought this was the "users" list ... not the compiler developers list.

in any event ... i have no idea if putting 3GB's of "writeln"
statements in a file is a good test.

in my case, the data would have to have structure.

it isn't just the size of the source file, but the size of the code as
generated by the compiler into the DLL.

are there limits to the "code segment" or other such internals of the
compiler and runtime file ?

i think the way i would have to lay it out would be to have 1000's of
Pascal "record" types, with members that are a mixture of "constant"
String and Double values.

i guess i would have to put all of these "record"s inside of a
procedure that alloced and assigned them all as members of an array,
upon invocation of the function at runtime ?

maybe i could put them in the initializer ?

it would actually take me some time to even lay the thing out to begin
with ... only to find that it doesn't work ... or that I _assume_ it
won't work ... because i took one path that didn't work, where there
might have been another that would have ... had i known.

so you see ... i feel like it is maybe more complicated that just
testing by echoing 3GB's of "writeln" statements into a source file
and compiling it.

if no one has any thoughts on it ... i'll go to the next step ... but
i didn't think it would hurt to ask the question.

but thanks for the help.

> Here are my prefered colors for your website (take it or leave it):
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> Gotta love dark backgrounds.
> hmmm website Sigs really do work because I went ahead and clicked on your site.

hmmm ... i just don't know if i'm reading into the intent of your
comments very well.

btw ... the screenshots you see there are screenshots of a plugin i've
written for a simulator i use from http://www.x-plane.com ... using
Free Pascal.

> --
> L505


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