[fpc-pascal] Freepascal newbie

Gustavo Galembeck ggalemb at yahoo.com.br
Thu Nov 25 23:33:17 CET 2004

> Yes. Actually I develop on Linux and when it's ready
> I compile in 
> Windows and it works :)

  Thanks, Nicolay!

  I cant't wait to install and mess a little with it.
I thought I could go through the whole installation
proccess without asking something too stupid, but
unfortunately... I still couldn't figure out how to
use the fpcmake. :(
  Freepascal itself is working perfectly, I compiled
my older code pratically free of problems (the only
ones ocurred with the asm blocks - I'll take a closer
look at them later). But when I try to use "fpcmake
-r" in some of the Makefile.fpc files (including the
PTCPas one) I get the following error:

Error: Target "win32", package "rtl" not found

  This error also occurs when I try to fpcmake the
demos/Makefile.fpc file, but strangely the
demos/[anydirectory]/Makefile.fpc ones work fine:

win32-i386 requires: rtl
Writing Makefile

  After all, why sometimes the rtl package is found
and others it isn't? :(


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