[fpc-pascal] Freepascal newbie [Attn] Nikolay Nikolov

Ron Weidner xecronix at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 14:20:34 CET 2004

> I translated it from C++ in 2001 and it's good
> enough for me. :-) It provides graphics output, 
> keyboard input (key presses and releases) 
> and high res timers. If that's what you want - 
> then it may do the job :)

> However it doesn't do mouse input (yet) and 
> sound output (there are some  sound libraries 
> that can be used, of course).

> Oh, and people tend to use SDL, so you may want 
> to try that, too. (it's written in C, but there 
> are pascal bindings) I've never used it, though.

Why did you translate openPTC instead of some 
of the other available choices?  What advantages
does openPTC offer over SDL or Allegro?  Do you
have any (Linux) demos/games written with openPTC 
that I can take a look at? What do you think about


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