[fpc-pascal]Cycle problem in Win32

Lee, John John.Lee at logicacmg.com
Sat Mar 27 17:05:22 CET 2004

Not sure about your other problems but the comparison problem between
ppc386.exe and ppc3 isn't the problem. I get this often when doing win32 or
go32v2 makes (I'm running win9x)... it's something to do with a few bytes of
uninitialised memory. 

I've fixed it for automatic snapshot makes by replacing the diff.exe &
cmp.exe versions you get in the win32 or go32v2 utilities by my own pascal
program that doesn't stop when the files are slightly different, but if you
do it manually just ignore it! 

By the way re your problem the go32v2 and win32 v10 and v11 snapshots
(compiler, rtl, ide) have been working every day fine for last 2 weeks or
so, with latest sources, starting with the go32v2 and win32 v1.0.10


Regards John 

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> Subject: [fpc-pascal]Cycle problem in Win32
> Greetings,
> I just tried to cycle a fresh compiler but have a problem with the 
> fpc.exe application.
> If I use an old version everything works fine. If I try to 
> use the newly 
> built version I get Access Violations.
> If I am in the same directory as the ppc386.exe application 
> for example 
> c:\pp\bin\win32 and run fpc.exe it runs fine. However, if I 
> am someplace 
> else and attempt to run fpc.exe I get the violation.
> This first hits when trying to build the rest of the compiler, the 
> packages, fcl, etc. etc. The Make fails because the fpc call to get 
> things like iTO etc. fails. If I force the Make with 
> PP={path}ppc386.exe 
> then everything works fine.
> Let me know if more details of what is happening is required.
> Not sure if it is related but everytime I cycle the compiler 
> it always 
> errors at the very end when it is doing the compare of the 
> ppc3.exe and 
> ppc386.exe. The file sizes match and everything compares except for 
> about 2-3 bytes. I forget what the line number is.

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