[fpc-pascal]Cycle problem in Win32

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Mar 27 17:38:20 CET 2004

Lee, John wrote:
> Not sure about your other problems but the comparison problem between
> ppc386.exe and ppc3 isn't the problem. I get this often when doing win32 or
> go32v2 makes (I'm running win9x)... it's something to do with a few bytes of
> uninitialised memory. 

I sort of felt that was what this was about and also I usually ignore it 
but thought I would mention it in case it was relavent.

As an add on to further clarify my problem.

If I try to say do "make clean" from in my lazarus directory the make 
will fail with processor errors because it tries to run ".exe" instead 
of "ppc386.exe" when looking for iTO and the like. This is because the 
fpc.exe program fails with the Accesses Violation. If I try to run 
fpc.exe in the same directory as ppc386.exe it finds it and runs fine.

This only happens if I use the newly cycled version of fpc.exe. If I 
copy the fpc.exe from say the 1.0.11 release and put it in the 
\pp\bin\win32 directory and again try "make clean" from my lazarus 
directory everything works fine.

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