[fpc-pascal]Suppressing the console window in Win32

Steve Williams stevewilliams at kromestudios.com
Fri Mar 5 00:34:30 CET 2004

> > The executable also got 23KB larger just from being compiled with 1.9.2,
> > ie.
> > from 82KB to 105KB.
> That is always the case... more functionality means a bigger size... for
> example threadvar for multithreading support takes more space. Also
> register calling takes more space, but it is faster.

The project I am currently working is being compiled in Delphi 7 (at home)
and FPC 1.9.2 (at work).  The Delphi-compiled executable is 56KB.  The
FPC-compiled executable is 108KB.  Not a real big issue.  I'm just curious
as to what makes up the large part of this difference in executable size.


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