[fpc-pascal]Suppressing the console window in Win32

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Mar 4 11:29:27 CET 2004

>> > Thanks.  I've never had to use that in Delphi since it defaults to GUI
> if
>> > there is no $APPTYPE directive.  Would it make sense for FPC to
>> default
> to
>> > GUI if compiled in Delphi compatibility mode?  I'm new to FPC so I
>> don't
>> > know if that has been discussed before.
>> That is a Win32 (maybe also MacOSX?) only issue. On other platforms the
>> default is to have a console.
> Delphi compatibility would only really apply to Win32, wouldn't it?

For FPC delphi is a programming style not specific for win32. FPC is
platform independent. That means you need to think of all platforms
instead of being thightly bounded to a single platform. That is also the
reason why porting delphi apps is mostly harder than it looks at first
sight... they are too dependent on the WinAPI.

> The executable also got 23KB larger just from being compiled with 1.9.2,
> ie.
> from 82KB to 105KB.

That is always the case... more functionality means a bigger size... for
example threadvar for multithreading support takes more space. Also
register calling takes more space, but it is faster.

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