[fpc-pascal]Suppressing the console window in Win32

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Mar 5 00:57:45 CET 2004

> > > The executable also got 23KB larger just from being compiled with 1.9.2,
> > > ie.
> > > from 82KB to 105KB.
> >
> > That is always the case... more functionality means a bigger size... for
> > example threadvar for multithreading support takes more space. Also
> > register calling takes more space, but it is faster.
> The project I am currently working is being compiled in Delphi 7 (at home)
> and FPC 1.9.2 (at work).  The Delphi-compiled executable is 56KB.  The
> FPC-compiled executable is 108KB.  Not a real big issue.  I'm just curious
> as to what makes up the large part of this difference in executable size.

You would have to research that yourself, since the exact ratio can vary
per program.

But in general FPC is written more with portability in mind, and this
increases the library layer slightly. Also Delphi might have optimizations
on while FPC needs params to enabled them. (I assume you already use -XXs to compile the fpc
binary, you could also use -OG3p3 or so)

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